Mark 590 Cummings – 2022

September 22, 2023

Mark 590 Cummings

Owner of Al’s on Seventh

NSSL Team Activities

Team Sponsored: Life’s a Pitch D & E, Bama Boys, Birmingham Defenders C, Birmingham Ballers D

League Events Hosted: Countless

Southern Shootout Sponsor and Supporter: 5 years

Mark 590 is one of the biggest supporters of the New South Softball League. Besides sponsoring several teams in the league, Mark is always willing to go above and beyond to help the league by hosting events at his bar. A few years ago, when we had to stop the open bar party at the Double Tree Hotel, Mark 590 stepped up to the plate and offered for us to do the party at his establishment. Mark agreed to close the bar to the public and offer us a private venue to host the party. He also let us charge cover to non-players for the party and let us keep the proceeds. He supplied mixers, cups, straws and napkins, and never batted an eye. He has let us host the part at Al’s ever since then. NSSL and Southern Shootout are lucky to have someone that cares about our community as much as Mark 590 does. He is a LEGEND in the LGBTQ community in Birmingham.